The church has a constitution of its own The Vicar and the assi. Vicar are appointed for a period of three years by Diocesan Metropolitan of Malankara Jacobite Syrian orthodox Church. The annual general body meeting elect 20 members to the managing committee from four regions, including a Trustee and a secretary. They assume the office from April 1st to March 31 every year.

The Vicar/ Assistant Vicar, Trustee Secretary and the committee will function according to the provisions of the constitution and the tradition of the church. The budget meeting and half-yearly meeting will be convened by the committee.

Fr. Simon Manuel Kidangath 9497325596 Vicar
Fr. Libin Kuriakose Kochuparambil 9605095217 Asst.Vicar
P V Abraham Kallipuram 9400285796 Trustee
Shince Mathew Melekkara Puthenpura 9446664688 Secretary
Thomas Philip Puthenparambil 9746492486
Philip V Kurian Vithuvattil 9846980270  
Arun Philip Vadakkathu 9447807828  
Babu Puthalath 9037789807  
V.P John Vaithra 0481-2523809  
Mathew Abraham(Shibu) Thundathil 9495870104  
Johny Kutty Murianthara 9995532472  
T I Thomas Devaswomkalathil 9447144563  
P M Mathew Parekattil 9895775805
V. S Kuriakose Vayithramattom 9447601294
K M Cherian Vayithramattom 9446351176
Aby Vayithramattom 9447042769
Mathew Abraham(Jomon) Thundiyil 9846628561  
Joby K Philip Kohukalambattusseril 9995653061  
Alan Kuriakose Mathew Thaithara 9497322665 Sunday School Secretary
Mathew Abraham Chanancheril 9809068007
Joseph Chandy Manalel 9447141737 Charity Secretary
Jijo Abraham Thazhchayil 9497322671  

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