The church has a constitution of its own The Vicar and the assi. Vicar are appointed for a period of three years by Diocesan Metropolitan of Malankara Jacobite Syrian orthodox Church. The annual general body meeting elect 20 members to the managing committee from four regions, including a Trustee and a secretary. They assume the office from April 1st to March 31 every year.

The Vicar/ Assistant Vicar, Trustee Secretary and the committee will function according to the provisions of the constitution and the tradition of the church. The budget meeting and half-yearly meeting will be convened by the committee.

Rev. Fr.  Ajeesh J Punnen padinjarekutt 8893207627 Vicar
Rev. Fr.  Manoj Skaria valamparambil 9447287693 Asst.Vicar
Shince Mathew Melekkaraputhanpura 9446664688 Trustee
Jacob P George Pothuvikattuchirayil 7558037964 Secretary
V P John Vaithra 9947383089  
P T Kurian Chothirakunnel 9446664938  
Babu Puthalam 9037789807  
P C Cherian Puramathra 9447679013  
Arjun Alackapally 9495941737  
P V Abraham Kallipurath 9400285796  
Preeth M John Manayathra 9447240836  
John M. George Malekkal 9249433977  
Binod John Kuruvilla Murianthara 9746074016  
Johnykutty Murianthara 9447601294  
Mathew Abraham (Jomon) Thundiyil 9846628561  Charity Secretary
Kochumon Varghese, Edamana 9495846022  
Aby Vaithramattom 9447042769  
Shone Iype J Puthanparambil 9496725271  Sunday School Secretary
Thomas Philip Thundiyil 9387265331  
K V Mathew Kumbalamthara 9495333872  
Cherian Thomas (Biju) Vellappally 9846229561  
Joseph Chandy Manalel 9562787908  


T V Kurian Tharayil 8089710593 Suxton
Seena Joseph Thundiyil 9400285976 Clerk

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